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Is Physical Space Necessary for Your Singapore Company Registered Office Address?

Is Physical Space Necessary for Your Singapore Company Registered Office Address?

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Do you need physical address in Singapore for your company? Or is the registered address enough?

There is a range of statutory protections that prospective business owners would have to comply with in order to establish a company in Singapore.

One of the statutory requirements mandated under Section 142(1) of the Companies Act, Cap. 50 for setting up a company in Singapore is that it should have a registered office address in Singapore. This address will also have to be entered in the electronic application form submitted to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority ('ACRA').

As part of the registration process, a company cannot be incorporated without first providing a registered office address in Singapore, although it can opt to use a registered office address service.

What are the Criteria to Register an Office Address in Singapore?

The address of the registered office must:

  • Be a location where all correspondence and notices may be addressed and must be available and accessible to the public for no less than 3 hours during the normal working hours of each business day.
  • Have a physical address of the office in Singapore
  • Not be a P.O. box address
  • Some person is there to attend to visitors at this address
  • Company registers are kept at this address

Note.You will receive mail from government agencies such as – reminders on annual requirements, fresh incentives, and also emails from banks. In addition, banks can also send correspondence to the registered address of the company, unless otherwise informed.

Does Registered office address of Your Corporate Services Provider Like Epica Suffice for all Legal Purposes?

The registered office address service through your corporate service provider like Epica sufficiently covers all the requirements of having a registered address for the business as mandated by the Singapore Companies Act. Besides, you can be rest assured that your mails will be handled and checked properly through the Epica's virtual office address. Your mails can be checked via email instead after we receive them. Moreover if we are providing corporate secretary services to you, then all your company registers will be available to you at our address.

But there are two Exceptions!

Is physical space needed required - All legal purposes

When Your Business Have Special Licencing Requirements

All the companies in Singapore are not subject to licencing. There are certain sectors in which obtaining a licence is a mandatory requirement for registering a Singapore company. In some of these licences, you may find a condition where you have to have a physical office address. For example, the Travel Agency License requires a company to have a proper office at a commercial location with proper signage. So, if you are obtaining a business licence where the licencing requirements may need you to have a physical space, then the virtual office address provided by a corporate service provider like Epica will not suffice. And you'll have to get a physical space on the ground.

Is physical space needed required - Multiple eps

When Your Singapore Company is Applying for Multiple EPs

If your Singapore Company is applying multiple EPs, the Ministry of Manpower Singapore may ask for the proof of business address. This is done to validate if your Singapore Company has enough space to accommodate the employees for which it is demanding Eps.

Can You Use Home Address as Registered Office Address?

Is physical space needed required - Can you use home address as office address

If you live in Singapore, you might want to use your home address as your registered office address. This can be implemented under the URA or HDB's Home Office Scheme. Please note that in order to use your home address as registered address, certain requirements must be met failing which, your permit may well be cancelled.

Summing Up

It is self-evident that conscientiously corresponding from your registered office in Singapore, or employing a responsible registered office address service, is not only a matter of regulatory enforcement but of good business practise.

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