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What licenses are required for my company in Singapore?

Business Licenses

What licenses are required for my company in Singapore?

Which business sectors are subject to licensing in Singapore. A broad list of licenses in Singapore.

Three primary types of licenses are applicable to a company in Singapore. They are:

1) Compulsory Licenses

Some businesses require a license before they can commence operations. The licenses granted to these businesses are called compulsory licenses. For instance:

  • A childcare center requires a Child Care Center license to operate
  • A travel agency requires a Travel Agency license to operate
  • A recruitment agency requires EA (Employment agency) license in Singapore

2) Occupation Licenses

These types of licenses are applicable to professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and architects. These types of licenses are granted by the professional organizations of the respective field. For instance:

  • An accountant requires a license from ICSA (Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants)
  • A medical practitioner requires to register with SMC (Singapore Medical Council)

3) Licenses based on business activities

You need certain business licenses or permits to carry on specific business activities. For instance:

  • For selling liquor, you need liquor license from SPF (Singapore Police Force)
  • For setting up a fair where you sell merchandise, foods, and beverages, you need a Temporary Fair Permit from SFA (Singapore Food Agency)

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