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What are the advantages of registering a company in Singapore?

Company Incorporation

What are the advantages of registering a company in Singapore?

Why you should register a company in Singapore? [ Benefits]

There are a lot of advantages to registering a company in Singapore.

You can divide these advantages into four different categories:

1) Tax Benefits

The first advantage is the tax benefits that one enjoys after registering one’s company in Singapore. Singapore has a politically stable government hence the tax rates are quite low. You are not required to pay any taxes on the first 100,000 Singapore dollars of profit earned for newly incorporated small companies, as a new company exemption for first three years.

Corporate income tax is quite low. The income tax rate is 0-17%.

The personal income tax rate is also low as compared to other nations. The personal income tax rate is 0-20%.

One of the biggest benefits of registering a company in Singapore is that you are not required to pay taxes on capital gains.

Dividends are also tax-free here.

2) Efficient business environment

Singapore has a very efficient business environment. It can be counted as the world’s easiest place to do business. The workforce available here consists of educated and proficient workers.

3) Financial

There are deep and liquid capital markets in Singapore. It is the largest corporate banking center in Asia. There are around 160 banks in Singapore.

4) Connected marketplace

Singapore has great transport and logistics infrastructure. It also has a strong international network of agreements. It is easy to commence business from Singapore to anywhere in the world.

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