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Register Sole Proprietorship

One of the best ways to enter the business world is to register the sole proprietorship. And, if you are planning it in Singapore, you have definitely made the correct choice as it is among the most uncomplicated type of business. The non-existence of partners makes this form of business popular because the full ownership lies with the single person and he has full control. The sole proprietorship is the next most common business after partnership which people in Singapore prefer the most. To register sole proprietorship is a right way to kick-starting such a business is an effortless affair because it requires minimal formalities. One of the major shortfalls of this business is that it is extremely difficult to differentiate the business from the owner of the company or business. This signifies that if a business incurs huge losses, the owner has to repay the amount from his pockets.

Partnership is nothing but an extension of the sole proprietorship. A partnership is started by two or more people. The partners are equally responsible for repaying the loss from their private property in case the company incurs a loss. Both the business types mentioned above are apt when the business has a low risk and is simple in nature.

Register Sole Proprietorship

Register Sole Proprietorship


We will setup Sole Proprietorship for you. Additionally avail our advisory services.

Steps to register sole proprietorship through us

Register Sole Proprietorship


  1. Our services are just a call away. So, pick up your phone and fix a time suitable to you for registration. Approximately one hour of time is required to accurately complete the entire procedure.
  2. Travel to our office at a stipulated time you have fixed prior. Do not fail to bring your Singapore NRIC and copies of the NRIC of the other partners if registering a partnership. You will be requested to fill in a form which will be provided to you by our staff members. On completion of the form, we will register your company or venture in the ACRA system.
  3. The registration charges can be paid at our office itself.
  4. We assure to complete the whole process within one hour.

Fees to be paid to Register Sole Proprietorship: 500 SGD

Processing Time

The processing time for the entire process is between 30 minutes to one hour.

What do you get on Sole Proprietorship Registration?

Register Sole Proprietorship

Our professionals will assist you to register your business successfully in the ACRA system.

The benefits you will receive post-registration are:

  1. We assure you that your business is registered by giving a copy of the registered Sole Proprietorship.
  2. When you travel down to our office for the registration process, we will go through the business idea and recommend the best business form for your idea.
  3. Upon registering with us, your business details gets saved in our internal system. And, we will send you important emails regarding any legal changes, important dates and deadlines. We provide this service free to all our clients.

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