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Foreigner Package - FP1

Company Registration Singapore for
Foreign Individuals or Foreign Companies
With Nominee Director on Annual Basis

S$ 2900


Above Pricing Explained

What is covered in 1st Year Cost?

Incorporation, 1 year Nominee Director, 1 year secretary, 1 year address service in included in this price. Government fees are also covered. No extra / Hidden Charges.This package is for clients who wish to operate a company from overseas and needs a Nominee Director on an ongoing basis. If you plan to apply for an employment pass and relocate to Singapore as a Director of the company then there is another package FP2.

What is 2nd year cost? - ( It is S$ 2900)

The charges from 2nd year are same as for first year. It covers 1 year Nominee Director, 1 year secretary, 1 year address service, AR filing with ACRA, Tax filing with IRAS and preparation of statements in Singapore format is included in this price. Government filing fees are also covered. No extra / Hidden Charges. If you have relocated to Singapore and dont need nominee Director then we will adjust the price accordingly.

Must you do accounting through us?

No. There is no compulsion to do so. You can engage our services or if you have accountant you can get it prepared from your team. However our team will review bank statements and ledgers in detail before filing, to ensure company is in good standing.

Deposit for nominee Director Service?

We don’t charge any deposit for nominee Director service.

Bank Account Assistance

Immediately after incorporation, we will arrange your virtual meeting with a Singapore based bank. The bank will complete the process remotely.

No extra / Hidden Charges

The price is nett price. This is what most of the clients pay us. No extra / Hidden charges. No lock in commitments.

Annual Return & IRAS Filing

Filing of your company’s Annual Return with ACRA, and filing of tax return with IRAS is included in this package.

Key Things to Note About This Package

For Small Businesses / Start-ups

The package is for small businesses, start-ups with a typical first year projected sales of less than 1 Million Singapore Dollars, requiring one bank account.

Simple Ownership

The ownership of the company should be with few individuals or with a single corporate shareholder. This package is not for companies to be established with complex ownership which involves trusts, multiple corporate shareholders, Corporate shareholders from tax heaven countries.

Simple Business

This package is for companies which are involved in Simple businesses. Like trade of goods, provision of services etc. If you are looking for a company for investment holding, royalties, Intellectual Property holding companies, regional holding company then this package is not for you.

100% Remote Incorporation

Complete remote incorporation with remote bank account opening is possible. All the processes can be completed online.

In case you are looking for Company Registration in Singapore for any of the purposes excluded above (Like for Investment holding, Complex Corporate Shareholding, Company for royalty and holding Intellectual Property, general holding companies, then we have another package FP3 which you can check from the pricing menu.

Know how remote incorporation works

This video will explain you how the remote incorporation works with Epica

Submit Your Inquiry for Company Registration Singapore

Choose An Option

Nominee Director Option

If you plan to run your business remotely from your home country then please select this option. In this case, you will need Nominee Director service on an annual basis.

Employment Pass Option

If you plan to apply for Employment Pass after company incorporation and relocate to Singapore then, please select this option. In this case, we will file your employment pass, after the company is incorporated.

Incorporation Procedure and Timeline for Company Registration Singapore

Working with us is easy. Once you confirm you are engaging our services, Our team will start the work and help you at every possible step.

Broadly the steps involved are as follows:

  • 1

    Submit Documents For Company Registration Singapore

    Submit scanned copies of all the required documents like passport copies, proof of address and KYC form. Once received our team will go through this and confirm all ok.

  • 2

    Remote identity verification, Zoom Call and Document signing

    In the next step we will verify the identity and conduct a zoom call with you. After the call, incorporation documents will be prepared and send it to you for signing via e-signature software. You can sign the documents from the comfort of your home. There is no need to travel to Singapore.

  • 3

    Company Incorporation Singapore

    Once all documents are electronically signed, our team will proceed with the incorporation of the company. After the incorporation, relevant post incorporation documents will be emailed to you.

  • 4

    Remote Bank Account Opening

    After the incorporation, we will introduce you to the bank representative. Who will help you with remote bank account opening. Depending on your choice it can be a neobank or a traditional bank. Now a days most of the banks do not have any minimum deposit. However it is best to check with the respective banks.

Process Timeline

Document Submission

1 Day Depending on your convenience.

Remote identity Verification, Call and Document Signing

1-2 Days depending on your schedule

Bank Account Processing

Depends on each bank. Neobanks – 2-4 days. Traditional banks 4-5 weeks.

Employment Pass application (If applicable)

3 weeks

Steps in Company Registration Singapore

Required Documents for Company Registration Singapore

The following supporting documents will be required from you when incorporating your company. Note that all documents must be in English or translated into English.

Provide following documents for each Director, Shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the proposed company. You will need to carry original documents during your visit for verification:

  1. Copy of the passport particulars page
  2. NRIC copy for Singapore citizens and PRs (or FIN card for Singapore Employment Pass Holders)
  3. Some form of 2nd id card like Driving License, Aadhar Card, National id card
  4. Proof of address (for example, a recent utility bill, Mobile bill etc). Must show the address clearly and issued in last 3 months
  5. KYC form filled
  6. Your Business / Work background info

If your proposed company will have Corporate entity as shareholder then the following details will be required:

  1. Certificate of Registration issued by the Company Registrar of your country
  2. Company Extract that shows:
    • Company’s name, identity number, registered address and principal business activities
    • Capital (Paid-up, issued, authorized) of the company
    • Details of Shareholders and Directors
  3. Board Resolution on company letterhead confirming:
    • The decision of the company to buy shares in the proposed new Singapore Company
    • Confirming the person who is authorised to sign documents on behalf of the parent company
  4. Ownership structure chart or information that identifies the key UBOs -upto 75% shareholding of the company. For each key UBO, we will need the documents as listed under the Individuals section.

Frequently Asked Questions for Company Registration Singapore

Answers to some common questions

How long does it take for Singapore company registration?

Once you have submitted all the required documents and the KYC process is done, the company can be incorporated in 1 Day.

Which banks typically do you work with?

We work with all major banks in Singapore. OCBC, UOB and DBS are the most common. We also work with Maybank, UOB, Citibank etc. Keep in mind that all of them are not opening bank account remotely. Also there are now many noebanks like Aspire, revolute etc which are suitable for small businesses. We work with all of them.

Will your Nominee Director be involved in my company operations?

No. Our Nominee Local Director will not meddle in the operations of the company.

You will need to appoint your own director to take care of all administrative and day to day operations aspects. At the time of availing nominee Director services an agreement will be signed to confirm that you are in charge of the day to day operations of the company. As such you take full responsibility of all operations in the company.

However as per companies act Section 157, Nominee Director is still responsible to ensure the company is being operated in a safe and legally compliance manner. So nominee will periodically like to enquire into the affairs of the company and nature of transactions passing through it.

Will I need to pay salary to the Nominee Director?

No. You do not have to pay any salary to the Nominee Director form your Company Registration Singapore. You only pay our annual Nominee Director service fee. We take care of all the salaries to the Nominee Director.

Do I have a right to get an Employment Pass if I am a shareholder of the company?

If you are listed as a shareholder of the Singapore company, then you are eligible to apply for the employment pass (Note its not a right to get as you have asked in the question). Approval of employment pass is decided by the ministry of manpower Singapore.

If you plan to apply for Employment Pass with company registration Singapore, contact us for a further advise.

What are the chances of Employment Pass approval?

Chances of Employment Pass getting approved depend primarily on two factors:

  1. Applicant qualifications, work background and the proposed salary
  2. Amount of investment being done in the company (i.e. paid-up capital)
  3. Sector and field in which the company operates

If you are planning to apply for your employment pass alongwith Company Registration Singapore then please get in touch with us for a further advise.

What happens if my Employment Pass is rejected by the authorities?

In case your employment pass application is rejected we will make an appeal to the Ministry of Manpower and make representation to them for your case. As of today, we have experienced 90% + Success rate. Still, after this your employment is rejected then you can either engage our nominee Director service and continue operating your company from overseas.

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