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Corporate Secretarial Services : Transfer Package

Package for Transfer

Corporate Secretarial Transfer Package

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Included in our package for Corporate Secretarial Services

This package has been created in response to increasing demands from other service provider clients when it comes to company transfers. It would appear that these particular clients are experiencing frustration when it comes to the exorbitantly high costs and unacceptable post-sale service that they are continually experiencing. The Corporate Secretarial Services transfer Package that we offer includes the following:

The Necessary Transfer Paperwork

We will complete the paperwork that is necessary to update the ACRA about Corporate Secretarial Services transfer when it comes to the appointment of our firm as your company’s new secretarial agent. The fee for this service will include the relevant government-required filing fees.

A Compliance Check

We also offer a FREE compliance check along with this Corporate Secretarial Services package that pertains to your most recent company filing obligations. We will then notify you regarding any gaps.

Company Secretary Service

We will also provide the Company Secretary Service for a period of 1 year. Please note that Singapore company law mandates that each company appoints a required local company secretary.

ACRA Annual Return Filing

We will file your company’s Annual Return with the ACRA.

Optional Services Offered

You may add other services to your Corporate Secretarial Services package. These may include, for example: Tax Filing, Nominee director Service, Registered Address, etc. according to your requirements and our associated fees.

Optional Phone number with your Singapore Company Registration

Price 300 SGD per year

Every company needs a dedicated telephone number for communicating with customers. As a bonus we are offering a dedicated Singapore Telephone number for every company in this package at a discounted price.

Access from anywhere

6 series Singapore number

50 minutes monthly outgoing

Unlimited incoming calls

Retain Number

Free Phone Number with Your Singapore Company Registration

Submit Your Inquiry for Corporate Secretarial Services Transfer Package

Some Points For You To Consider

We suggest that you begin your company transfer discussion with us at least 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration of your previous service provider contract. By doing this, you will have sufficient time in order to confirm the services that you wish from us. It will also give us sufficient time to confirm our fees and to understand your business specifics.

It’s common practice for many Singapore corporate service providers to lock-in their clients into contracts that span several years. They do this in order to compensate for poor service and high fees. It’s advised that you avoid being trapped in a situation such as this by doing business with a company such as ours.

What you need to do?

Once confirmed about transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services, you will need to contact your current Corporate Service provider and ask them to provide resignation of their Secretary and Nominee Director (If using this service). Once we get these documents we can arrange for the transfer and collection of your file from your previous Corporate Secretary service provider.

Corporate Secretarial Services Transfer Procedure and Expected Timeline

You will discover that working with our firm is quite easy. Upon confirmation of your decision to utilize our services, our team will do the necessary setup in our system. This will allow you to immediately begin collaboration with our service team for Corporate Secretarial Services transfer efficiently and quickly.

Our team is user-friendly and will effectively coordinate the following steps between our service team and you from beginning to end:

  • 1

    Engaging our services

    Once your decision to utilise our Corporate Secretarial Services is confirmed, an account will be created for you within our system. Your requested services will then be configured and the service request will be presented to you in order to arrange payment. Payments can be made via bank transfer or credit card.

  • 2

    Compliance gap check

    We will provide a FREE compliance check of filing obligations for your company covering the previous year. You will then be notified of any gaps. At this point, you may decide to have those gaps handled by your previous service provider or if you would rather have us handle them for you.

  • 3

    Obtaining your company records from your previous service provider

    We will make arrangements for the collection your existing company records from your previous service provider. Once the records have been collected and verified, you will be notified of any missing items that will need to be addressed.

  • 4

    Preparation of transfer documents

    The required paperwork to effectuate our firm’s appointment for Corporate Secretarial Services will be completed and submitted to you for your signature.

  • 5

    ACRA updating

    Once your signatures are obtained, we will update the ACRA regarding your appointment of our firm as your company’s secretarial agent.

  • 6

    Your new business profile

    Upon the updating of ACRA records, we secure a copy of your company’s updated ACRA business.

The entire process of transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services may take anywhere from 3 – 10 days. The actual timeframe will mostly depend on the time that it takes for both you and your previous service provider to comply with the requested tasks.

Corporate Secretarial Services

The Required Documents for Transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services

In order to conduct our KYC due diligence, we will need to following supporting documents for your company’s transference. Exceptions may be made should some of these documents be made available from your company’s previous service provider and our team finds this acceptable. Please note that all documentation will need to be in English or have been translated into English.

For each Director, UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) and Shareholder of the proposed company:

  1. A copy of the individual’s Passport
  2. Proof of residential address (i.e. recent utility bill, driver’s license, rental contract, etc.)
  3. For PRs and Singapore citizens – copy of NRIC (Singapore work pass holder may use an FIN card)
  4. Professional background (brief). A link to a LinkedIn profile or in a CV (curriculum vitae) format may be used.

For a corporate shareholder, the following documentation is needed for the parent corporate entity:

For a parent corporate entity

The following documents will be required for your parent corporate entity should your company possess a corporate shareholder:

  1. Certificate of Registration – This will be issued by the jurisdiction’s Registrar in which your company is registered.
  2. Company Extract – This should contain the following information:
    • Your company’s name, its registration number, its registration address and its main business activities
    • Your company’s paid-up capital
    • Directors and Shareholders particulars
  3. Authorised Person Resolution – This resolution needs to be passed by the company’s director(s) and should include the following:
    • An Authorised Person’s appointment when it comes to signing the documents related to the Singapore Company’s formation on the shareholding company’s behalf.
    • The shareholding company’s decision to hold shares in your proposed Singapore Company
  4. Ownership Structure Chart – (or information) which will identify the shareholding company’s key UBOs. For each one of the UBOs, the documents (that have been listed above) will be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions : Transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services

Answers to some common questions

Since my company’s previous year annual filing is still pending, do I need to have my current provider to handle this or can I have you take care of this?

You should first check whether or not you have already paid for this service from your existing provider as part of a service package. In any case, you can have this handled in any way that best suits you. If you’d like, we can provide this filing with additional fees along with our Corporate Secretarial Services Transfer package. Please note if there are any fines from ACRA for this then those needs to be paid in addition to the service fee we have quoted.

How many days will it take to do the transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services?

Generally it will take a period of 2-3 weeks to effect the transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services. After you have submitted the documents, we will need to do the KYC and then arrange for paperwork, lodgement with ACRA. Once all details are updated we will arrange for file collection.

My existing service provider is refusing to exit from the company, what can I do?

In case of unwillingness of existing service provider to exit from the company, the transfer of Corporate Secretarial Services can still be done by shareholders resolution.

If I have questions that haven’t been covered by this FAQ, where can I obtain the answers?

Please refer to our additional articles regarding Singapore business regulations. Our team is also available to answer your questions and we will gladly assist you.

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