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Singapore Phone number with your Singapore Company Registration

Price 300 SGD per year

Start-ups and small organizations often find it difficult to get a telephone subscription at a cost-effective price. Often they are forced to sign up year-long contracts with minimum 5 user accounts.

We have decided to make their life very simple. We provide a 6* series Business VoIP number for every company that is incorporated through us. This service is chargable at 300 SGD per year.

Phone number with your Singapore Company Registration

Key features of this telephony system

Access from anywhere

You can access this phone number from anywhere in the world. You will need to install a SIP Softphone on your mobile phone. Then enter the user id and password and the phone is ready. All incoming calls will be routed to your phone now and you can make outbound calls from the app. You can use this even when you are out of Singapore.

50 minutes monthly outgoing

We have bundled free 50 minutes of monthly outgoing to Singapore numbers only. This should be enough for any newly incorporated business to start contacting your customers.

Retain Number

The number belongs to you. If your business grows, you can convert the same number in a full telephony plan with voice prompts and PBX.

6 series Singapore number

The telephone number we provide is is a 6 series Singapore landline number which is VoIP enabled. This number gives a good image to your company. Previously people used mobile numbers starting with 8 / 9. But customers usually will recognize the mobile number quickly and conclude it to be a kind of home-based business. Also using mobile can prove extremely costly because of roaming charges.

Unlimited incoming calls

You can receive unlimited incoming calls on this number.

Some FAQs on the Phone Number we provide

What do I exactly get when I get this phone number?

We will provide a 6 series Singapore telephone number for your company. We will also provide you the login details to our PBX system. You can install an app on your mobile and then login to the system to activate this number.

How many users can access this phone number?
How much free Talktime is included? Can I call international numbers?
I have 2 employees, Can I get 2 numbers?
Can I call / receive calls from any landline, mobile number on to this phone?
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