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How LTVP and DP holders can work in Singapore

How LTVP and DP holders can work in Singapore

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Working in Singapore While on Dependant Pass (DP) or Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP.) Is it allowed?

Expats have constantly rated Singapore as one of the best countries that provide limitless career opportunities and excellent life quality. The city-state's reputation as a thriving business hub attracts aspirants and career enthusiasts from all over the world.

MOM (Ministry of Manpower) showed the following statistics in its June 2020 report:



Employment Pass (EP) 189,700
S Pass 188,800
Work Permit (FDW & CMP) 940,200
Other Work Passes 33,100
Total Foreign Workforce 1,351,800

The above data proves that more than 1.3 million foreigners prefer to live and work in Singapore.

MOM offers Employment Pass, Entre Pass, and Personalized Employment Pass to provide holders with freedom and flexibility to work and live in Singapore. MOM also offers Dependant Pass and Long Term Visit Pass to the foreign work visa holders' family members.

Now one of the question most of the Dependants have is – if it is possible to work for them when in Singapore? Because if they can not work in Singapore then it means a career compromise for them.

What are DP and LTVP?

A DP (Dependant's Pass) is issued to the family members of a qualified Singapore work visa holder.

An LTVP (Long Term Visit Pass) is offered to the family members of Singapore citizens or permanent residents or the parents accompanying a child studying in Singapore.

There are specific situations that decide whether you will qualify for a DP or LTVP. A DP or LTVP is directly linked to the respective EP or PR / Citizen. Any cancellation, expiration, or loss of employment by the respective work visa holder will render the connected DPs and LTVPs ineffective.

LTVP and DP holders - Dependant's Pass

Who can obtain a DP?

A DP or Dependant Pass is a residence visa granted to the following family members of a work visa holder.

  • Spouse, who is legally married
  • Children, unmarried and are under 21 years of age (biological and legally adopted children)

An EP or SP holder must have an earning of a minimum of S$6,000 to bring dependants to Singapore.

LTVP and DP holders - Long Term Visit Pass

Who can obtain an LTVP?

An LTVP is also a residence visa and should not be considered a work visa. It is granted to the following family members of a work pass holder in Singapore:

  • Partner in live in relationship
  • Disabled and unmarried children above 21 years of age
  • Step-children, who are unmarried and are under 21 years old
  • Parents of the children studying in Singapore (parents must have a fixed monthly salary of at least S$12,000)

LTVP and DP holders - Singapore Citizens or PR

LTVP+ another type of LTVP given to dependants of Singapore Citizens or PR

In addition to the LTVP mentioned above, there is one more type of LTVP which is granted to dependant spouse and children of a Singapore Citizen or PR.

  • LTVP+ or LTVP-plus, given to the spouse of a PR or Singapore citizen
  • Parents accompanying their foreign child who is studying in Singapore with a Student Pass

How can a DP or LTVP holder find work in Singapore?

Both DP and LTVP are residence visas and cannot be used as a work visa. However, there are three options for any DP or LTVP holder if they wish to work in Singapore.

It is necessary to understand all these options in detail to figure out which one is a more viable option for you.

LTVP and DP holders - Pre-approved Letter of Consent

Option 1: PLOC, short for Pre-approved Letter of Consent

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore launched this scheme. A Pre-approved Letter of Consent allows the eligible LTVP-Plus holder to work in Singapore legally. The option to apply for PLOC is given during the application or renewal of your LTVP with the Immigrant and Checkpoints Authority.

Pre approved LOC means it is approved without reference to any specific employer. The holder of PLOC can apply for a job in any company, and on selection the company can employ him or her on the basis of that PLOC. The company need not do any further paperwork or approvals.

To become eligible for PLOC, you must fulfill either either of the following conditions:

  • You are legally married spouse of a Singaporean or Singapore permanent resident
  • You are an unmarried child of a permanent resident or citizen below 21 years of age in Singapore
  • LTVP or LTVP+ holder, issued by ICA

A PLOC is an excellent option for the people who want to find work at their own schedule. PLOC holders can switch jobs easily without the need to re-apply for a PLOC when they change jobs.

The validity of a PLOC is the same as the validity of your LTVP. However, you can renew it when you renew your Long Term Visit Pass.

PLOC holders are not allowed to work in some of the restricted occupations, namely:

  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Producer
  • Religion-related occupation

Option 2: LOC, short for Letter of Consent

A letter of consent (LOC) is issued by MOM in Singapore. It legally allows the respective DP or LTVP/LTVP+ holders to work in Singapore.

A Singapore-registered company can hire as many employees as it wants under LOCs. It makes the LOC holders excellent employee prospects.

LTVP and DP holders - Letter of Consent

One must fulfill these conditions to become eligible for a LOC:

  • He/she is dependant of an Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass, or Personalized Employment Pass holder Or, He/she holds an LTVP-Plus that is connected with a Singaporean or Singapore PR. LTVP holders dependant on Singapore Employment Pass holder do not qualify for this.
  • The DP's remaining validity must be at least three months, and LTVP must be at least four months from the application date.
  • He/she has already secured a job with a Singapore-incorporated company.
  • LTVP holders, who accompany a child studying in Singapore, cannot work in their first year in Singapore. After a year, they can find a job, and their employer will apply for a LOC.

If an employer finds a DP holder or LTVP holder as a suitable employee, then the company can apply for LOC of such a person. Once approved the person can start working for such a company. The procedure for application is simple and approval rate of LOC is quite good.

Generally, you are required to give written consent to your employer or employment agent before they apply for a LOC. However, additional documents are also required if the DP holder is:

  • Pharmacist and therapist
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Regional representative of any foreign company
  • Lawyer
  • Football coaches and players
  • Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners

A LOC application takes a minimum of three weeks to process. You can start working right after you receive your LOC.

Singapore's Ministry of Manpower considers all LOC applications on a case-by-case basis. It depends on:

  • Qualification of the applicant
  • Work experience of the applicant
  • The necessity of the Singapore employer to hire LOC applicants

LTVP and DP holders - Employment Pass

Option 3: Employment Pass

A DP or LTVP holder can also obtain an Employment Pass Singapore, provided that the company employing is ready to lodge the application for employment pass. There are several merits of getting an Employment Pass by a DP or LTVP holder.

  • You can hold a directorial position in a Singapore-incorporated company.
  • If your family member's work visa, whom you are dependent on, expires, it will not affect your work status.
  • You can stay and work on your own even if the work visa of your family member expires

The benefits of an Employment Pass are many. However, the requirements for DP or LTVP holders to obtain an EP are much more stringent.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Earn a minimum monthly salary of S$4,500 if you are a fresh-graduate; older professionals with more experience must draw higher salaries
  • Have the relevant professional experience
  • Have a tertiary degree from a university that is reputed and renowned, people with a considerate amount of professional experience and high salaries may not require to illustrate formal education documents

Your Singapore employer will need the following documents to apply for an EP on your behalf:

  • EP Application Form 8, your employing company in Singapore must endorse it
  • Copy of your educational documents and your latest resume
  • Copy of personal information page of your passport
  • Copy of the business profile of your employing company in Singapore
  • An extensive description of your job and duties related to it
  • An extensive description of the products and activities of the employing company in Singapore

Generally, EP applications are processed within three weeks. However, EP applications of professionals in specific specialized industries take longer to process. These industries include law, medical services, financial services, sports, and media.

Different regulatory associations govern these professions, and their permission is required for EP approval.

An EP is valid for two years and is renewable.

Pre-approved Letter of Consent, Letter of Consent, or Employment Pass: Which is better?

If you wish to work in Singapore, you must first define the type of work you want to do. All the Singapore work permits have their own merits and demerits.

Let's take a close look at them:

Work Permit



PLOC Flexibility to choose work at your own pace; no minimum educational or professional requirements; easy to apply Not allowed to work in objectionable occupations; dependant on spouse or parent
LOC Does not require minimum educational or professional requirements; easy to apply Dependant on sponsoring spouse or parent; no specific minimum fixed salary
EP Can start your own business; commensurate salary; employment status is no more dependent on sponsoring spouse or parent More stringent requirements; not easy to obtain

The above data states that a Pre-approved Letter of Consent is a great option for people who wish to find work on their own schedule.

A Letter of Consent is ideal for those who do not have a minimum salary requirement and wish to start working as soon as possible.

However, an Employment Pass is best for those who have high career goals. If you do not want to stay dependant on your spouse/parent and want to draw a hefty salary each month, an Employment Pass is your best option.

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