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Accessing Data About Singapore Companies From ACRA’s BizFile Portal

Accessing Data About Singapore Companies From ACRA’s BizFile Portal

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How to get data from ACRA about Singapore Companies [From Bizfile Portal]

How to access the Data About Singapore Companies Gathered by ACRA?

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) regulates businesses, public accountants, and corporations in Singapore to ensure that these entities comply with state laws. Moreover, ACRA is tasked to provide the public with access to these data and documents to ensure transparency and data sharing among companies, organizations, and individuals.

Both public organizations and private individuals can assess the profiles of the companies registered with ACRA to know more about their operations, especially if they are interested in investing in, partnering with, or taking over these companies. Furthermore, researchers and developers can use ACRA’s data to administer relevant research about business, undertake groundbreaking business initiatives, and eventually improve business efficiency.

Information about a company, such as its top management, employees, and capital, can all be easily accessed by everyone.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Accessing Data About Singapore Companies From ACRA

The creation of BizFile in 2004 paved the way for a fast, convenient, and organized communication between businesses and the government. Through ACRA’s BizFile website or mobile app, anyone can learn more about a company in an instant. With its Application Programming Interface (API), ACRA can also allow the public to access a company’s gross wealth. Below is our step-by-step guide on accessing data about Singapore companies from ACRA.

ACRA’s BizFile Portal - Guide of accessing data
  • Go to www.bizfile.gov.sg.
  • Click the “Buy Information” button.
  • Click the “Business Profile” button.
    • Business profiles in PDF formats that carry out basic information of a company (registration number [UEN], company name, business operations, incorporation date, company owners, and more) can be accessed by paying S$5.50.
    • This section may also include a certificate of production, which is certified by the Assistant Registrar of ACRA. This certification can be used for official purposes.
  • Type the name of the company and conduct your search.
  • Click the “Other Information” button to see more related information about the company.
  • Click the “Extracts” button to discover more details about the company.
    • The information that can be accessed from this section may include details on company transactions, like appointments or changes in officers, annual meetings, change in internal company rules and regulations, annual returns, audited accounts, and so on. Purchasing an Extract report is priced at S$11 – S$33.
    • This section may also include attachments. Purchasing an Extract report with attachments is priced at S$26.

Financial information about a company based in Singapore are also readily available in ACRA, with complete details of which years they were acquired. Accessing the financial information of a company is priced at S$50.

Every month, over nine datasets of ACRA-registered companies will be released and updated. Hence, the public can gain access to at least 1.5 million records of live and non-live companies. These datasets are delivered in traditional formats that can be decoded by machines, enabling the public to study, combine, and conceptualize datasets in a hassle-free and time-saving manner.

Other Types of Data That Can be Accessed From ACRA

ACRA also offers other types of data to present additional, thorough information about various companies in Singapore. Read on.

Corporate Compliance and Financial Profile (CCFP)

CCFP reports the financial statements of a company within at least two years of its operation in Singapore. This report indicates the financial status of a company and its compliance with state laws.

People Profile

This document informs public or private businesses where individuals are previously or currently affiliated with in Singapore.


Certificates on compliance, good standing, conversion, confirmation of company registration and incorporation, and so on can be purchased from ACRA, too


Register of Members, Directors, Auditors, Secretaries, and more identify individuals and organizations connected with a certain business in Singapore.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

This document explains the internal operating rules of a company in Singapore. It is one of the most commonly demanded data from ACRA, and one needs to issue an Extract report to retrieve such copy.

In a Nutshell

The public uses the available data from ACRA to probe information and bring solutions that will be of best interest to the citizens of Singapore. Check out the government’s official blog about data sharing for the public here: https://blog.data.gov.sg/.

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