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Is It Possible to Operate Your Singapore Company Completely Remotely, Without any Presence in Singapore?

Is It Possible to Operate Your Singapore Company Completely Remotely, Without any Presence in Singapore?

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Can you operate your Singapore company completely remotely, Without Any Presense in Singapore?

There are thousands of companies registered in Singapore without physical office which operate completely remotely.

Majority of these companies use corporate services providers to fulfil various requirement of registration of a company in Singapore. Like they use the permanent address provided by the corporate services in Singapore, they don’t have a physical office, they don’t have any employees, all their staff is located in the home country, and they carry out necessary transactions form the home country. In many cases they also engage nominee Director provided by their corporate secretarial firm.

In Most of these companies tend to be secondary structure to the main business, which is based in the home country.

This article will dilate upon whether or not you can operate Your Singapore company remotely, i.e. without any physical presence in Singapore.

What Does the Law Say about It?

Law does not specify anything about, number of employees in the company or about the physical presence of promoters in Singapore. Before the incorporation of a company in Singapore, business owners should first decide on several issues and ensure that certain things are decided beforehand, which include:

  • Name of the company
  • Main activities of the company (the company can select up to a maximum of two)
  • Directors of the company
  • Shareholders of the company
  • Registered office;
  • Secretary of the Company
  • Share of capital
  • Documents regarding the Company Constitution

What are the Pre-Incorporation Requirements for ACRA Registration?

Oprating completely remotely - Why pre-incorporation requirement

If you want to apply to the Company Registrar of Singapore (ACRA), you will need to prepare for the following incorporation requirements.

  • At least one (1) Shareholder
  • A minimum initial Paid-up Capital of S$1
  • At least one (1) Company Secretary
  • At least one (1) Director (Local or Nominee)
  • A physical local registered address for the company office

What is not specified by Singapore law?

Oprating completely remotely - specified by law

In the companies act Singapore, it states that for incorporating a company in Singapore, there is no compulsion of:

  • Having a physical office in Singapore
  • Recruiting employees for the company
  • Having a specific structure or set up for functioning

So, What does that Imply?

Oprating completely remotely - Imply

The requirements mentioned above imply that for a Singapore company to function in Singapore, you can operate and manage all affairs entirely remotely. And you:

  • Don’t necessarily need to visit Singapore.
  • Don’t have to hire employees in Singapore.
  • Can do all transaction online using internet banking.

The Upshot

Singapore companies act do not mention any requirement that can forbid the functioning of a company remotely. Therefore, as long as you are fulfilling the basic needs of Singapore law that are mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, a company can be operated in Singapore while not physically being in Singapore. You can sit in your home country, manage business affairs remotely, use the online services of the world’s best banks in Singapore and do all kind of transactions without any fuss.

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