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What does an annual return (AR) mean?

ACRA Filing Requirements

What does an annual return (AR) mean?

What is annual general meeting (AGM) what is Annual Return (AR)? what is done at AGM in Singapore?

An annual return is an electronic lodgement submitted to the ACRA every year. It contains all the important particulars of the company regarding its financial health and status. It helps to keep the company’s stakeholders informed so they could make timely and right decisions.

As per the Companies Act, it is mandatory for each and every company incorporated in Singapore to file their annual returns with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). The annual returns filing is required to be done within 30 days after the AGM is held.

An annual return can be filed by an appointed officer of the company like the company secretary or director. A company can also hire a registered filing agent to file an annual return on its behalf. The annual return is filed online on BizFile+.

The information required to provide when filing the annual return is:

  • Details of the company that include registered address, particulars of directors, secretary, subscribers, company type and registered charges details
  • Any change in the company’s primary or secondary business activity
  • Share details of the company
  • Financial statements of the company
  • In case your company is exempted from filing financial statements, you must submit an online declaration
  • Date of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Companies who file their annual returns on time receive a free business profile from ACRA.

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