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What are the different kinds of work visas/permits available in Singapore?

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What are the different kinds of work visas/permits available in Singapore?

Overview of Singapore Work Permits. Types of Work Passes Singapore.

Singapore has categorized work visas in three main groups and also made facilities for family members to obtain a dependent pass according to the guidelines made by MOM.

The three main groups are categorized for professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers, and trainees and students. Each of these groups then has several subgroups in terms of passes. You can have a look at it and check for what fits you best.

The first group is of Professionals

This group is further segregated into three main divisions. We have defined it further below.

  • Employment Pass – The employment pass, EP, or E-Pass, as some know it, is the first visa in this category. Foreign professionals, managers, and executives who earn a minimum of $3600 a month are eligible to apply for the same. These young professionals must also be a graduate from a reputed college. If your heavy on work experience, then you would need to get higher salaries to qualify for the E Pass.
  • Entrepreneur Pass – As the name suggests, this pass is specifically for entrepreneurs to start and operate a new business in Singapore. A candidate would be eligible for this pass only after his company is registered as a private limited company with ACRA – Singapore’s national regulator of business and public accountants. A candidate's company must not be registered for more than six months at the point of application. You will need to satisfy specific criteria to get this pass.
  • Personalized Employment Pass – This is for the existing high earning employee pass holder or highly paid overseas foreign professionals. If you are an existing employee pass holder, your monthly fixed income must be$12000, and overseas professionals need to have a last drawn fixed monthly salary of $18000.

The Second group is for Skilled and semi-Skilled workers

This group has a few divisions. We are going to focus on the main permits provided by the Singapore government.

  • S-Pass – If the candidate is a mid-level skilled staff who earns a fixed minimum salary of $2400 a month, you are eligible to apply for S Pass. The salary should reflect the work experience. More experienced and mature applicants need higher salaries to qualify.
  • Work permit for a foreign worker – Candidate must be a semi-skilled foreign worker in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sector. The candidate must be from a country or region approved by MOM.
  • Work permit for foreign domestic workers – This is for females aged between 23 to 50 years old to work as foreign domestic workers. The candidate must be from a country or region approved by MOM with a minimum formal education of 8 years with a recognized certificate.

The third group is for Trainees and students

  • Training employment pass – This is eligible for foreign professionals who are undergoing practical training here. They must earn at least $3000 a month.
  • Work holiday passes – Work Holiday passes are also given to students between the age of 18 to 25. They can work and holiday for 6 months.

The exclusion in this is for Australian students, as they can work and holiday for a year. The age criteria are also between 18 to 30 years.

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