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Epica Consulting, a Singapore based CSP, has launched its Company Registration Services

Published 9/21/2020 10:30:00 AM

SINGAPORE, September 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Epica Consulting, a Corporate Secretarial services provider based in Singapore, has launched Company Incorporation Services for the clients' world over. Epica Consulting is one of the modern Secretarial services provider based in Singapore. Till now, Epica Consulting was providing services to clients in Singapore as well as those from India. However, from September 2020, it will be offering its services to clients the world over.

Corporate secretarial industry is poised for a big change. Already a few players are altering the landscape. Epica Singapore intends to take the benefit of the turbulence that this change brings in.

Vee Jay

Epica Consulting Singapore is a Corporate advisory firm catering to clients from wide range of industries. In Asia Pacific region, there is a significant demand for setting up a business in Singapore. The volume of company incorporation in Singapore has gone up substantially in the last decade.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Vee Jay, the founder of the Company, noted - The majority of firms in this are operating in an old fashioned manner, doing the work using paper files and storing all information in a physical file-based format. At Epica, instead, we have build a platform to store all this information and run all the processes in a cloud-based system. This results in significant savings in the cost and also makes the execution of processes faster.

Epica has significant experience in the Corporate Secretarial industry. Its founder has previously built a business in the same sector and sold it to a Private equity firm a few years back. The team at Epica Consulting is backed by senior staff who has a wealth of experience in the Company incorporation field in Singapore.

About Epica Consulting
Epica Consulting is the corporate solutions company in Singapore that delivers top-notch service for local and foreign companies looking to set up operations in Singapore. The Company provides company incorporation, corporate compliance, and Employment passes filing, accounting, taxation, expansion advisory services, and a suite of other corporate services to help companies grow. We are dedicated to supporting your business all the way from its initial conception in Singapore to its corporate growth. Discover more at www.epica.asia and follow us on Twitter / youtube at @epicasg

Vee Jay
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